Thank you to Rumford Hospital staff

To the Editor: My family and I would like to thank the staff of the Rumford Hospital for their kind and generous caregiving during the recent hospitalization of my wife, Flossie Rose. She was treated with dignity and respect, but also with gentleness and kindness. This care was extended to the entire family and for […]

We deserve answers

To the Editor: Dixfield, in an effort to allocate taxpayer money to the appropriate resources, needs to create a new department, the Department of Legal Services. According to a letter to editor in this publication, the officers of regulation for Dixfield have retained legal services in the ongoing negotiations for a new labor contract with […]

A differing view on Rumford’s interest rate on unpaid taxes

To the Editor: Recently, Rick Green’s letter to the editor describing unpaid taxes as low interest, unsecured loans was brought to my attention. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that Mr. Green’s comparisons are just plain wrong. The 24.5 mil rate on the 2014-2015 tax bills amounts to a 2% annual […]

Kudos to Mexico town crew

To the Editor: Have been wanting to say this for the last few years: Thank you for the great job that our Mexico town crew has done and continues to do keeping our roads, sidewalks cleaned and plowed, salted and sanded. As an avid walker, it is comforting to know that I can get  out […]

Thank you from Western Maine Street Rods

To the Editor: The Western Maine Street Rods Car Club recently made charitable donations of $2,000 each to the Dempsey Cancer Center and the Arbor House. These donations came as a result of the extremely successful Motor Madness Car Show held at the Farmington Fair Grounds in July 2013. A special thank you to the […]

Foster dog program offered

To the Editor: To the citizens of Rumford and surrounding towns: Do you love dogs? Are you interested in saving a life? Would you consider becoming a foster home to a homeless dog? If you answered yes to the above questions, then we need your help! Heart of the Mountains is a non-profit animal shelter […]

The Basket Lady

By Mitzi Sequoia Basket Lady hopes everyone in the River Valley had a joy-filled holiday season. And now, we’re free to turn our attention to the adventures and lessons of life that awaits each of us in the New Year. Isn’t it wonderful to know that we can begin our New Year with a clean […]

Wind is a weak energy producer

To the Editor: The State of Maine Legislative Bureaucracy now polices our electric markets and because they favor wind, you will pay. Whether you are supplying the electricity or buying the electricity, the law targets you. How do they accomplish this invasion on our pocketbooks? Laws that provide penalties for not complying and/or complying with […]

The Chamber Chatter

The River Valley area is infectious with holiday fairs and events going on; such a wonderful time of the year. We need to keep the momentum going year round by taking pride in our communities and what our businesses have to offer right here in the River Valley. Watch for the Chamber’s new Gift Certificate […]

Interest on unpaid taxes

To the Editor: How many people can walk into a bank and get an unsecured loan for 3%? I checked the rates at the Credit Union and found that personal loan rates are 7.9%. To get close to that interest rate you would have to secure it with something, like a new vehicle. Yet some […]